What The Coach Of Inter Allies Had To Say After a Hard Earned Victory (Kenichi Yatsuhashi).

Updated: March 20, 2018

Linus: Good day coach.

Kenichi: Good day.

Linus: How are you doing?

Kenichi: Am fine.

Linus: It’s good to be in Ghana again,you have been missed.

Kenichi: Yes! I miss Ghana and it feels good to be back.

Linus: Your boys were excellent on the day,what is the secret?

Kenichi: Heheheh,it’s hard work and determination. We work hard in and off the pitch.

Linus: Your first win in charge of Inter Allies, how does it feel?

Kenichi: Am very happy because they played according to my tactics.

Linus: Talking of tactics, you brought on Dan Amanfo in the second half and he got your first goal.Will you say your tactical substitution earn you the points?

Kenichi:Yes! I brought on Dan because I needed someone more physical upfront so Adebayor could operate freely from the flanks.

Linus: Inter Allies is your new home.How do you feel?

Kenichi: Am always happy to work with every club especially the players. The boys here are always ready to learn and am happy.

Linus : What should we expect from Inter Allies this season?

Kenichi:We want to be among the top 4 club’s at the end of the season.

Linus: Talking of 4th position,don’t you think Inter Allies can win the league at the end of the season?

Kenichi: Sure it is possible but we must relax,we just won our first game and we want to win more matches especially in Tema.

Linus: Do you miss Accra Hearts?

Kenichi: Smiles…we are one family.

Linus: Any expectations for your next game?

Kenichi: Yes,we waiting for our next fixture and we want a win.

Linus: Thanks for your time Mr Ken.

Kenichi: Thank you too.

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