Top 10 Most Valuable Football clubs in the world 2017 [ Barca is #2 ]

Updated: May 21, 2016

barca-win-cupFootball in recent times has become more than just a game that pits two teams against one another for crowds to enjoy. With the large amount of money that has now become associated with the sport, clubs have to remain on the top of the financial pyramid to ensure success on the pitch.

Players transfer fees, ticket sales, sponsorship deals, marketability are all important factors in deciding the revenue that is generated by teams which have to be reinvested every season. Some teams have managed to do that very well because of smart planning or simply because their owners have deep pockets.

Here are the 10 most valuable clubs based on their market value as given by transfermarkt

10) Liverpool – €366.25 million

LiverpoolLiverpool have endured tough times in the recent past. In the last five years, they have managed to qualify for the Champions League only once.The club are planning to expand their seat capacity as well in efforts to improve revenue from ticket sales and try and bridge the gap to Arsenal and Manchester United. Liverpool’s ownership changed in 2010 when the Boston Red Sox’s major shareholder John W Henry took over after he had a bid successfully accepted. Read more : Top 10 Highest Paid Players at Chelsea 2016

In terms of Deloitte’s Football Money League that ranks teams based on revenue they currently are 9th in the world at €391.8 million. With a world class manager in Jurgen Klopp taking over the reigns this season, Liverpool might be able to attract big names to the club and try and qualify for the Champions League next season. The lucrative TV deals in the English Premier League should also help in improving the club’s finances.

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