Top 10 Best Football Managers in the World 2016

Updated: August 26, 2016

Who are the best football managers?

Managing a football team requires a diverse array of talents and a substantial knowledge of the game. As well as being tactically astute, managers should be able to work individually with players to motivate and discipline them. Their instructions need to be communicated effectively, and they must anticipate the physical and psychological condition of their players. Of special importance is a manager’s ability to make intelligent substitutions and tactical changes during matches.

Just as the Champions League format has allowed an elite group of clubs to dominate in recent years, the coaching landscape, too, is overshadowed by the personalities of a revered few who are hired at a huge expense with the guarantee of trophies.

10 Unai Emery – Paris Saint-Germain FC

FOOTBALL : Seville vs Liverpool - Finale Europa League - Bale - 18/05/2016The Spaniard followed three successive top-four finishes with Valencia with three straight Europa League wins for Sevilla, an astonishing achievement. He takes pride in making players better, and some of them have gone on to great things, David Silva, Juan Mata, Ivan Rakitic among them. Sporting director Monchi is a crucial part of Sevilla’s success, but so is Emery.

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