Mourinho : I’m the best in the world

Updated: March 15, 2015


Jose Mourinho says there is no manager in England who is anywhere near as good as he is after taking a look at his achievements since his time at Porto fc through to his current club at Chelsea.
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Although Mourinho was left disappointed by Chelsea’s exit to Paris-Saint German in the champions league, he maintains he is in a league of his own and he is going to turn things around.

He told reporters: “People are too worried about me. They don’t know what my happiness is. My happiness, first of all, is when I compare myself with the others. I see just a few that are with me in terms of success.

And the others I see a huge difference, a huge distance, with all the respect that they deserve, this is not a fight with them, I have lots of respect for all of them.

But in the Premier League, who is European champion? Me and Van Gaal. Right? In the Premier League, how many won the Premier League twice or more than twice? Mr Arsene Wenger and myself.

How many won every competition in this country? Community Shield, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Premier League. How many? How many?

“You go to Europe, how many won seven league titles? How many won two Champions Leagues?  Carlo Ancelotti wins three, Van Gaal two and Pep Guardiola has two. I am not content with that, but you are too worried about myself.

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“What makes me feel special is that I am above all of this. You think I care with some b******t I read? Do you think I care? I don’t care.”

Chelsea have two games in hand over Manuel Pellegrini’s side, following City’s surprise 1-0 loss at Burnley on Saturday, leaving Mourinho in no doubt of what the Blues must do to win the Premier League.

“I think we need nine victories,” Mourinho stated. “Eleven matches. I think we need nine victories.

“We have to focus on nine victories. If our direct opponents lose a couple of points, then you need eight victories and one draw or something like that, but at the moment we have to focus on nine victories.”

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