John Terry : I would consider MLS if i leave chelsea

Updated: December 6, 2015


Chelsea captain John Terry has said he would be considering a move to the Major League Soccer MLS if he leaves Chelsea at the end of the season.

John Terry, who will be celebrating his 35th birthday this month will be a free agent at the end of the season and said there has been no decision on whether he will extend his contract or not.

The centre-back — who has spent his entire career at Chelsea except for a brief loan spell at Nottingham Forest in 2000 — ruled out a move to another English club but indicated that the United States would be his first choice if he prolongs his career elsewhere.

Asked if he would join another team in England, he answered: “No. No chance. No chance. America, maybe. But physically I feel like I can still play.

“Do I want to play? Of course I do. But then decisions come in to it with your family. What if you go somewhere and it doesn’t work out? Everything else comes into play, doesn’t it?”

He is keeping his options open, adding: “I’m doing my coaching badges at the minute. I’m looking at TV.”

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