EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : WAFA’s Youngster Aminu Speaks out.

Updated: April 10, 2018

Linus: Hello Champ

Aminu: Hi boss

Linus: Great game today…you had the opener today..hw does it feel?

Aminu: Am happy to be on the score sheet again.we were pushing for a goal in the 1st half but we couldn’t, we came back stronger in the 2nd half and the dead lock was broken.

Linus : Will u say you struggled on the day because you played on a different pitch?

Aminu: The pitch was a problem to us in the 1st but we motivated ourselves and we did the magic.

Linus: Last year you represented the nation at the Under 17 in India for the world cup.how will you describe that moment?

Aminu: It’s every footballer’s dream to represent his nation.The feeling was great.Indians are very friendly, our problem was with the food.We were all missing our ghanaian food.hahaha.

Linus: You were excellent during the world cup last which saw major European clubs knocking on your doors.
You signed a pre contract with Manchester City.

Aminu: Yes I signed a contract and I was loaned back to WAFA till the end of the season.

Linus : You featured in 3 games soon far for WAFA with 3 goals so far. You become the youngest footballer to do so in the history of Ghanaian Football.

Aminu: Am very happy and it pushes me to keep scoring.

Linus: Do you think WAFA can win the league as you came close last year?

Aminu: It’s our target this season but we can’t tell because we still have more games to play.

Linus: Can you win the goalking?

Aminu: It won’t be easy but once I keep scoring, Insha Allah I will win win it.

Linus: Expectations for your next game with Elmina Sharks.

Aminu: They are a very good side but we hope we work harder and come back with the points.

Linus: Thanks for your time Aminu Neymar…

Aminu : Thanks boss…hahahaha.

This Exclusive interview was brought up by our Upcoming sports Journalist ”LINUS SIAW NARTEY”.

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