10 Awesome Football Facts

Updated: October 9, 2017

• The oldest football ball dates all the way back for more than 3000 years. We have evidences that ancient civilisations like the Chinese and Egyptians made balls from animal skin, seeds and linen.

• There are two names for the beautiful game – football and soccer. Most of the world calls it football, but countries like the USA and Canada are calling it soccer, which is actually word from the English dictionary. The meaning of “Soccer” is an abbreviation from “Association Football” or the “Assoc Football”. During the 19th century people used to add –er in the end of shorten words and that is why today they say – SOCCER.

• There are two men with the same title and that title is the biggest number of scored goals during one game, First one is Stephan Stanis who held the record since the December 1942. He was playing for the Racing Club de Lens and that number is 16. Today, we have another contester for the title and that is Panagiotis Pontikos, the Olympos Xyofagou’s striker who also scored 16 goals in one game, against SEK Ayios Athanasios.

• The largest football tournament ever was in 1999. The tournament is called the Bangkok League Seven-a-side Competition and it had more than 35 000 contestants in 5100 teams.

• The stadium on the highest altitude in the world is located in La Paz, Bolivia. The stadium is called Estadio Hernando Siles and it is located at an altitude of 3 637 meters.

• Now that we are talking about stadiums, let’s continue in that tone. The biggest stadium in the world is located in the Pyongyang, North Korea. The stadium is called the Rungrado May Day Stadium and it has the capacity of amazing 150 000 seats.

• In Argentina in 2010 was held one pretty bizarre match. The referee expelled players, substitutes and coaches, which means he issued 36 red cards. By the FIFA regulations, you can’t continue a match with less than 7 players.

• Football players aren’t known for their height and we have found the shortest professional football player in the world. His name is Élton José Xavier Gomes and he is 1,54 meters tall. Élton José Xavier Gomes plays the attacking midfielder for Saudi club Al-Fateh.

• Professional players have to be in top shape but there are some who are just big bones. For example, the fattest football players, like William Foulke, aka the William “Fatty” Foulke who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Now, William wasn’t fat, he was just very big. He was 193 cm tall with 152 kg (336 lb) weight.

• But, one of the most important things in football is speed. That is why we will mention Gareth Bale, who is the fastest football player. His top speed is 36,9 km/h and he plays the winger for Real Madrid.

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